CPSE California Consortium

Thank you for participating in this CPSE California Consortium survey. The information collected will help guide us in deciding whether we hold "Virtual" Consortium Meetings and their frequency during the COVID Pandemic. Name and Address not necessary below unless you leave a comment and want us to reach back to you. Thank you for your participation!

Does your department currently allow for travel to meetings?

Does your department allow in person meetings outside of your department?

CPSE has stepped up their training due to COVID. Do you feel there is a benefit to the CA Consortium having "Virtual" meetings or are you getting what you need from CPSE?

Would you like to have presentations from vendors regarding their services related to CRR? Include the vendors names in the comments below.

Would a "Virtual Meeting" of the CA Consortium be beneficial to you?

If the CPSE California Consortium had a "Virtual Meeting" would you attend?

Thank You!

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