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Bernalillo County Fire Department Falls Prevention

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BCFR Fire Regions 2023[86]

Int. & Ext. Stairs & Steps

Are all stairs and steps (Interior & Exterior), in good repair, uncluttered, and have adequate hand rails?

Do you turn on the light before you use your interior or exterior stairs?


Are there electrical wires, papers, books, shoes or piles of stuff on the floor?

Do you have throw rugs on the floor?


Are the things you use often on high shelves?

Do you wipe up spilled liquids right away?


Can you easily turn a light on in bed and is there good lighting from your bed to the bathroom?

Do you take your time and get up slowly after sitting or after you lie down?


Do you have grab bars in tubs, showers, and near toilets?


Do you exercise regularly?


Do you wear shoes both inside and outside?

Health and Medicine

Have you recently had your eyes checked and reviewed your medications with your doctor?