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Eagle, ID Fire Department

Welcome to our Home Safety Survey and thank you for your participation! It will take just a few minutes to finish. Fill in your information below to get started.


Smoke Alarms

Does your home have a working smoke alarm?

Does an alarm company monitor your smoke alarms?

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Does your home have at least one working CO detector?

Does an alarm company monitor your CO detector?

Escape Plans

Do you have an escape plan if there were an emergency such as a fire, in your home?

Can ALL occupants of your home escape without assistance in an emergency?

Do you have a meeting place outside of your residence to meet in the event of an emergency?

Fire Sprinklers

Does your home have fire sprinklers?


Do you allow smoking inside your home?

Open Flames and Smoldering Objects

Do you use candles, incense, or other open flame or smoldering objects in your home?

Are all matches, lighters, or other objects that can start a fire kept out of reach of children?

Electrical Safety

Do you use extension cords as permanent wiring for any objects in your home?

If you need to plug in multiple objects, do you use a surge protector?

Fire Extinguishers

Do you have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen, laundry, and workshop/garage?

Home Heating

Do you use a portable space heater to heat your home?

If you have a fireplace, do you have a spark arrestor installed on your chimney?

Wildland Fire Protection

Is your home within 2 miles of a wildland area?

Do you have things that could burn within 50' of your home like trees, bushes, woodpiles, furniture, etc.?