New Hanover County Fire Rescue

Helping our community prepare for hurricanes!

New Hanover County Fire Rescue – Hurricane Preparedness

Welcome to our Hurricane Preparedness Survey and thank you for your participation! It will take just a few minutes to finish. Fill in your information below to get started.

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Emergency Kit

Do you have an Emergency Supply Kit?

Do you have individual kits for everyone in the home (Children, pets, disabled)?

Emergency Plan

Do you have a family emergency plan?

Do you have a plan for specific household needs (dietary, disabilities, cultural)?

Does everyone in your home know the family emergency plan?

Important Items

Are important documents or meaningful items stored in waterproof container/Ziploc bags?

Financial Preparedness

Are you prepared financially for an emergency?

Home Preparations

Do you know how to prepare your home for hurricanes?

Flood Zones

Is your home in a flood zone?


Do you know how to shut off utilities (water, electricity, & gas)?


Do you have extra medications on hand?


Do you have a generator for extended power outages?


Do you have working Smoke and/or Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms with battery backup?

Food Safety

After an extended power outage do you dispose of perishable food?

Age Range

Please let us know your age range.