Provo, UT Fire & Rescue

Preparing our Residents for a Wildland Fire.

Provo, UT Fire & Rescue Wildland Preparedness

Welcome to our Home Safety Survey and thank you for your participation! It will take just a few minutes to finish. Fill in your information below to get started.

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Your Home

Do you live within one mile of a wildland area?

Is the exterior of your home made with combustible materials such as wooden or vinyl shingles, trim pieces, or siding?

Are the eves on your home boxed in and attic vents properly screened to prevent embers from entering?

Are your balconies or decks made of combustible materials?

Your Yard and Surroundings

Are your rain gutters, roof valleys, patio covers, and decks free from accumulated leaves and debris?

Within 30 feet of your home, do you have trees, bushes, or flammable landscape decorations?

Within 100 feet of your home, do you have excessive vegetation or trees?

Is your firewood stacked near your home?

Do you have combustible furniture, play houses, or other objects near your home?


Do you know at least two ways to leave your neighborhood if you had to evacuate?

Are your important documents, photos, and belongings able to be placed into your vehicle quickly if you had to evacuate?

Do you have an emergency supplies kit ready to go if you are evacuated?