Our Purpose? Happy & Safe Families!


Virtual CRR Inc is a family owned and operated business and therefore has one goal in mind, “Focus on Happy and Safe Families.” How do we do this? In three ways.

  1. First, we provide organizations with the tools they need, like Virtual Community Risk Reduction, to help the families they serve. These organizations include fire departments, schools, businesses, churches, social organizations, and other government entities. As a result, we encourage these organizations to put families first by helping them to be successful. We help these organizations provide the tools they need to get their valuable information out to those they serve as well as gain a better understanding of what their customers need.
  2. Second, we are a collection point and a distributor of Community Risk Reduction information. We regularly write articles and scan social media and news outlets for stories regarding Community Risk Reduction. We provide a free monthly CRR Newsletter where all of this information can be found. Our intent is for you to quickly and easily access CRR related material to improve your ability to make a difference in your community.
  3. Third, we provide motivation, support, and quality information directly to families. Typically, this information revolves around safety, but often it is just encouraging words. Remember, we are all trying to do the best we can, so keep trying! Therefore, we use blogs, social media, and personal encounters to discuss safe families.  We encourage everyone to take a look at how they can improve the world around them. How can you make changes you can actually touch and feel? Start with those who you live with and move out from there.

What is a Family?

What do we see as a family you might ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Aren’t we are all part of the human family? As a result, I guess that includes everyone. The bottom line is, we want you to be Happy and Safe! Join the ride, because it is never dull.

Company Management


Brent Faulkner is a founding member of Virtual CRR Inc. and now serves as its CEO. He has 21 years of experience in the fire service. During this time, he has responded to numerous emergency situations including structure fires, wildland fires, hazardous materials responses, emergency medical situations, and numerous types of rescues. In addition, he has served on a Type 1 Hazardous Materials Response Team for 15 years.

Brent had a defining moment in his career which, as a result, lead him to Virtual CRR Inc. He was selected to lead a team in critical infrastructure protection at a recognized Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Terrorism Fusion Center. This team was responsible for increasing the safety of critical infrastructure as it relates to terrorism, general security, and natural disasters. He also specializes in emergency preparedness for homeowners and businesses. He has a master’s degree in management, a bachelor’s degree in occupational studies, an associate’s degree in hazardous materials response, and another in fire science.


Married to his wife of over 20 years, they and their three children live in Southern California. Everyone has busy schedules, therefore they love to travel on #VirtualCRRSafetyTours. Due to these tours, they have the opportunity to meet and influence others regarding safety and emergency preparedness. While they are meeting clients, suppliers, and future customers, they provide information regarding travel safety. Follow the #MBIntelSafetyTour on our social media pages since we all love to travel.