Virtual CRR Price Sheet

Virtual CRR

Pricing Structure

Standard Survey – The pricing below includes 1 Virtual CRR survey identified with your Department name, logo, and picture on the first page. Questions and responses cannot be modified. Your residents will also be able to contact you directly with any follow up questions or needs directly from their individualized report. This includes a live department report that updates as your residents utilize the survey. This way you are collecting the data you need to assess the risks within your community.

Custom Survey – The pricing below includes 1 Virtual CRR survey with up to 10 questions/responses of your choosing or creation for one year, maintenance, and hosting. These Virtual CRR surveys are custom made and include the links you want, as well as wording and pictures. You will also receive quarterly and annual statistical reports of your Virtual CRR survey. After the first year of a Custom Survey, the price drops to the Standard price if there are no changes to the program.

Population                  Standard           Custom

Under 100,000          $1,204/yr           $3,806 First Year

100,00-250,000        $1,327/yr            $3,927 First Year

250,000-500,000     $1,517/yr             $4,117 First Year

Over 500,000.           Custom Bid        Custom Bid

Additional Fees

Additional languages can be added to any survey. The price for each additional language is 50% of the Retail Price of the English version. You are responsible for the translation of your custom survey. We can do translation at an extra charge. Every survey is different so this is bid separately.

Question change within the 1-year period – $325 each (Custom Assessments Only)

Additional statistical reports – $300

Discounts for Multiple Virtual CRR Surveys 

1st additional survey – 20% off retail

2nd additional survey – 30% off retail

3rd or more additional surveys – 40% off retail

(Discounts applied to survey of equal or lesser value)

Larger Surveys

Larger surveys can be made and will be bid according to the details of the project. Please keep in mind that for a survey to be successful it should be kept short and easy to get as many participants as possible. We encourage you to follow these guidelines but will design a survey to your specifications.