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Who are we? Virtual CRR was established by a group of security and safety professionals. Many government organizations and private sector companies asked us to help them understand their risk of criminal activity, natural disasters, and terrorism. Consequently, we created Virtual CRR to bring all of that information to those who need it most, families.

What do we do? We feel everyone should have the right to feel safe and secure. Safety, security, and preparedness information, online tools, and training are brought to you through blogs, articles, and training. This is why we developed a unique program called Virtual Community Risk Reduction. We encourage organizations to help families become self-sufficient in disasters, emergencies, and increase their everyday safety. We create programs to aid these organizations.

Company Management


Brent Faulkner is a founding member of Virtual CRR and now serves as its CEO. He has 21 years of experience in the fire service. During this time, he has responded to numerous emergency situations including structure fires, wildland fires, hazardous materials responses, emergency medical situations, and numerous types of rescues. In addition, he has served on a Type 1 Hazardous Materials Response Team for 15 years.

Brent had a defining moment in his career which as a result lead him to Virtual CRR. He was selected to lead a team in critical infrastructure protection at a recognized Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Terrorism Fusion Center. This team was responsible for increasing the safety of critical infrastructure as it relates to terrorism, general security, and natural disasters. He also specializes in emergency preparedness for homeowners and businesses. He has a master’s degree in management, a bachelor’s degree in occupational studies, an associate’s degree in hazardous materials response, and another in fire science.


Married to his wife of 20 years, they and their three children live in Southern California. Everyone has busy schedules, therefore they love to travel on #VirtualCRRSafetyTours. Due to these tours, they have the opportunity to meet and influence others regarding safety and emergency preparedness. While they are meeting clients, suppliers, and future customers, they provide information regarding travel safety. Follow the #VirtualCRRSafetyTour on our social media pages since we all love to travel.


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