hard times

Hard Times Come, Always!

“What is our Purpose? Happy and Safe Families.” This is our motto at MBIntel. This is what we strive for. Is it realistic though? “Hard Times” come, Always! How can we be prepared for everything? We can’t. How can we be happy all the time? We can’t. To think that we can go through life with no problems or worries is a fairy tale at best, and truthfully is really much more of a lie. Where we focus during these hard times will give us the strength to stay engaged and moving in the best direction for all involved.

“Hard Times” Hit Close to Home

I had been wanting to write on this topic for a while now, and always had other things come up. Then, out of the blue, “Hard Times” Hit Close to Home. Last year we had a significant health scare in our family that after a few months, and some wonderful doctors, we thought we were past. Now we just received news we are right back to square one. Nothing like a little dose of reality to get the creative juices flowing. As I write this I realize once again, “Hard Times” Come, Always. Hopefully some of my thoughts will help you or someone you know now, or in the future, because guess what, “Hard Times” Will Come, Always.

Preparing for “Hard Times”

Can we be prepared for everything? No, not a chance. The more prepared we are for things, the less stress that can come though. What are some things we can be prepared for? While the list is probably ridiculously long, lets look at some of the big ones.


One day you have a job, the next you don’t. Your car breaks down. Flood at the house. Your child breaks the neighbors window. These and many more are all very real scenarios. Obviously, some more complex than others, but in the middle of hard times, it often doesn’t matter the complexity. It’s “hard times,” period, and it is something we don’t want to deal with. To prepare for these financial setbacks, we need to have prepared before hand. How much debt are we carrying? Do we have the education requirements to find another job? Do we have an emergency fund? Start simple, and over time, you can weather many of these hard times. They will still be disappointing and hard, but not as hard as if you were not prepared.

Sickness or Death,

This is one that no one wants to think about, but we must. What happens if one of the parents, children, or extended family member gets sick or dies? Have you had these difficult conversations? Do you have a trust and/or will? Do you have adequate insurance? Have you decided what you want to have happen at the end of your life? What happens if only one person in the home is gainfully employed? How will the family make ends meet. All of these questions and many more need to be discussed.

Natural Disaster

What are the potential natural disasters where you live? Hurricane, Tornado, Flooding, Earthquake, Civil Unrest, the list is different for everyone. Could you stay at home, taking care of yourself for, a day, week, month, year? What if you are at work? Do you have a plan to get home? Could your family take care of themselves until you got there?

Family Problems

Divorce, Wayward Child, Substance Abuse, Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Extended Family Feuds, Suicide, unfortunately these can be in any family. How are we strengthening our families and preparing them for difficulties and disagreements?

Dealing with “Hard Times”

When hard times come, they are awful. It is easy to feel lost, scared, helpless, angry, afraid, frustrated, and a host of other feelings. First of all, I am not a professional counselor. I am simply sharing some of the thoughts and feelings I have on the subject. Do not be ashamed or afraid to seek professional services when you need them. They have the tools to help you and your family through many of these “hard times.”

During “hard times,” sometimes we don’t want others to know. We may feel embarrassed or scared. these “hard times” are typically when we need others though. Just choose wisely. Is there a friend or family member that can relate and can give you the support you need. Sometimes just an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on can do wonders. Let others do things for you. We can’t do everything on our own. Give others the opportunity to serve. You will be amazed at the friendships you can make. Don’t worry, they will have their “hard times” and you can repay them then.

I find that when I am having “hard times,” that is the perfect time to serve others. When we serve someone else, we stop thinking about ourselves and our situation. We stop being selfish, and can see others situations. Sometimes, service can give us the realization that our “hard times” are not as bad as we originally thought. This change in perspective can improve our whole outlook. Getting outside our comfort zone, to serve others not only helps us, but of course helps someone else.

Happy and Safe, “Even in Hard Times”

Is it possible to always be Happy and Safe? No, but there are plenty of opportunities for us to strive to be. This is still a realistic goal with the realization that there will be some bumps (sometimes these bumps are mountains) along the journey.