Are these Homes Safe in a Wildland Fire?

New Tract Homes

Look at the construction materials of these homes; stucco, cement tile roofs, metal garage doors, dual pane windows. On the surface these homes look very safe from wildfires. In reality they are safer than many of their counterparts, but these homes have some vulnerabilities too. Stucco siding will not burn. This is a good thing, but those decorative moldings around the windows are often made from foam with a very thin layer of stucco covering them. These can burn. Cement tile roofs will not burn, but if there are any areas where burning embers can enter the attic such as vents or gaps in the tile, these houses can burn. The greatest vulnerability to these houses though is their proximity to each other. If one of these houses catch fire it could quickly spread to others. During a wild land fire, fire resources are spread very thin and this situation can quickly get out of control. For more Security, Safety, and Preparedness information, go to