Skateboard Safety

The holiday season is quickly approaching and a skateboard is on many children’s list. Skateboarding is a great outdoor activity and a new skill that will enhance balance, coordination, and stamina. Skateboard safety should be considered and discussed with every rider. There are some simple safety points that will lessen the likelihood of causing injury when purchasing a new skateboard for your little ones and big ones alike.

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Safety Tip from Jerry Madrid

To get the inside scoop on skateboard safety, we paid a visit to our good friend Jerry Madrid, owner of Madrid Skateboards. Not all of you may know that Jerry is a retired firefighter and is very aquatinted with what can happen in an accident. Jerry started making skateboards in the 1960’s and has grown to be one of the industry leaders. While at his factory, he gave us a tour of how he makes his boards from start to finish. He stressed to make sure your equipment is in good working order and to replace broken parts immediately.

skateboard safety, jerry madrid

Jerry’s safety tip is simple, “Wear a helmet, there is no excuse not to!”¬† He also stressed the importance of using knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards especially when skating on ramps, in pools, or downhill skating. He stressed again and again, there is no reason to not wear a helmet. Even if you are just cruising, you should still wear a helmet.

skateboard safety, Jerry Madrid

If you are considering buying a skateboard for your child or you are going to be riding one for yourself, make sure you also purchase the requisite safety equipment. Most of all, make sure that safety equipment is used every time, no excuses. We want to thank Jerry Madrid and Madrid Skateboards for their hospitality and echo Jerry’s message to , “Wear a helmet, there is no excuse not to!”

skateboard safety